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Visa Check Debit Card
Itís more convenient than carrying cash and itís faster than writing a check. Hereís what makes Hometown Bank VISA Check Debit Card so great:

  • You swipe and sign for purchases like a credit card but the amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account Ė just like a check.
  • Itís accepted everywhere the VISA logo appears Ė the grocery store, gas station, restaurants, and even on the Internet.
  • Transaction information is detailed on your monthly checking account

If you have questions about Hometown Bank Visa Debit Card or would like to apply, call Hometown today at 1-330-673-9827.

24 Hour Telephone Banking
Access your account information 24 hours a day using a touchtone phone, your social security number and your unique personal identification number. Call 1-330-673-9828 to inquire about your balance, deposits and checks that have cleared your account. You can even transfer funds between accounts. Interest rate information on all of our deposit products is available at your finger tips.

Direct Deposit
Making your life easier, signup for direct deposit through your company payroll or the Social Security Administration now!

What are the advantages?
It's reliable Ė Hometown Bank receives hundreds of direct deposits and payments each month. Your payments will always be on time. Direct deposits are available and earn interest right away.

  • Direct deposits are secure - there's no risk that your payment will be lost, stolen or damaged.
  • If you're sick, on vacation or traveling, your payments will automatically be processed.
  • It's confidential, since there's no check for someone to see how much money youíre paid.

Overdraft Protection
Feel secure knowing that youíre always covered. We can automatically transfer funds to cover any overdraft on your checking account from a savings, a Hometown Bank line of credit or a cash advance from your credit card.

Automatic Loan Payments
Make your monthly Hometown Bank loan payment automatically. Just call our office and we will sign you up. Automatic means never having to worry about forgetting.

Safe Deposit Boxes
We offer a variety of safe deposit box sizes to protect your irreplaceable valuables..

3x5 $30
3x10 $60
5x5 $45
5x10 $70
10x10 $110

Night Depository
For those times that you just canít make it to the bank, drop off your deposits and payments in our night depository located at each one of our locations. Your transactions will be processed the very next business day.

Wire transfers
Send and receive domestic or international wire transfers, available to individual and commercial customers to transfer funds between financial institution accounts.

Merchant Credit Card Services
Increase sales and expand your customer base by signing up for Visa/MasterCard Merchant Services through Hometown Bank. Call our Main Office 1-330-673-9827 for information today.

United States Savings Bonds
US Savings bonds are a great gift idea and a smart way to save for your childís college fund. We offer series EE and I in denominations to fit your budget..
Over 55 million Americans own over $180 billion in the U.S. Savings Bond Program, which is administered by the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of the Public Debt and the Federal Reserve in partnership with financial institutions.

To learn more about purchasing and redeeming U.S. Savings Bonds, call our office or click on the Treasury site below.


American Express Travelerís Checks
Traveler's Checks are a safe way to have cash available when traveling. Traveler's Checks are accepted world-wide and are available in a variety of denominations. They can be replaced at no cost to you if they are lost or stolen. Hometown Bank offers individual Checks, which are issued in the name of one person and only that person may use them or Checks for two..




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